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Whereby SDK Updates in March

AUTHOR: The Whereby team

Check out the Changelog on Github for complete details.

2.5.0 Minor Changes

  • fcab2c7: added attributes for roomIntegrations, precallCeremonyCanSkip, and precallPermissionsHelpLink

2.4.0 - Minor Changes

  • 37e17fd: Add attributes for timer, skipMediaPermissionPrompt, precallCeremony, bottomToolbar, and autoSpotlight

2.3.0 - Minor Changes

  • 41a9cc2: core: Return client claim when joining a room

2.2.0 - Minor Changes

  • a604e63: Fix RTC stats bug

  • 9e8bb39: Update repo field in package.json to point to this repository.

2.1.0 - Minor Changes

  • 9b210c6: Add more types to <whereby-embed> web component

  • 9b210c6: Add CDN build of react functionality

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