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Whereby SDK & Product Updates in April

AUTHOR: The Whereby team

It's been a whirlwind month at Whereby with plenty to be excited about! We've gathered up as many updates and improvements we thought could fit into your email, and hope you find some of these items as energizing as we do

New Feature Highlights

  • Whereby is now more accessible than ever! We're now compliant with WCAG 2.1 level AA. Be on the lookout for a future blogpost with more details

  • We've officially launched our partnership with Involve Interpreter, reinforcing our dedication to making communication accessible to everyone! Read more

  • New web component events relating to our pre-call device test: precall_check_skipped & precall_check_completed

  • New document and information around using firewalls

  • New <whereby-embed> attribute and URL parameter to programmatically set background cameraEffect.

  • New endMeeting() command and browser event for web component

  • Improved the Whereby experience on mobile browsers to allow a long press on buttons to open menu

SDK Changelog

Check out our SDK repo changelog for a full list of changes and their commits.

2.12.0 - Minor Changes

  • 7256e58: organize bool attributes. Add support for topToolbar, toolbarDarkText, cameraEffect, and localization as attributes

  • 4a7bd59: Add endMeeting() command on embed element

2.11.0 - Minor Changes

  • 324b52b: Add actions to join and leave Whereby rooms on-demand

  • b857c2b: Add stayBehind parameter to endMeeting host room action

2.10.0 - Minor Changes

  • 0092158: Add support for meeting_end event on embed element

2.9.0- Minor Changes

  • 35dbed6: enable toggling low data mode

  • 7fcc0d9: Allow room hosts to kick clients and end the meeting

2.8.1 - Minor Changes

  • 6b5dcc9: Add precall check events to whereby embed element events map

2.8.0 - Minor Changes

  • 8a75b16: Add action to mute participants

2.7.0 - Minor Changes

  • d75644f: Add roomKey-based authorization and allow room hosts to lock/unlock rooms

2.6.1 - Minor Changes

  • dd39593: Provide correct value for userAgent when connecting using browser-sdk.

  • Updated dependencies [6fc07f5]

  • Updated dependencies [300f6ac]

2.6.0 - Minor Changes

  • 10df15f: Added attributes for aec, agc, audioDenoiser, and autoHideSelfView

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