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Whereby Browser SDK V2 With React Hooks Now in Public Beta

AUTHOR: The Whereby team

We're excited to introduce the Beta release of the Whereby Browser SDK v2 with React hooks. Now you can easily add Whereby-powered video calling capabilities to your apps and websites, in any shape or form. That’s right, with our latest SDK version, you can build completely custom video calling experiences, powered by Whereby Embedded.

For a long time now, we’ve enabled developers to easily embed Whereby rooms in their applications, and customize them to a certain extent: you can toggle certain features, change colours, buttons, and behaviors, but the core experience remains the same: our tried and tested — and celebrated — pre-built room UI.

However, sometimes you need that extra bit of flexibility for complex use cases. Enter the Whereby Browser SDK, your playground for crafting fully customized real-time video calling experiences, powered by React hooks. It's all about keeping things easy for implementation and maintenance, so you can focus on wowing users.

Ready to dive in? Install the beta of our library from npm, and we'll guide you with tutorials and example apps. We've polished up our SDK v2 since the alpha release earlier this year, added cool features like screen sharing and chat, and made sure it plays nice with the latest React-compatible frameworks.

We're confident you'll seamlessly blend Whereby into your app with React hooks. Share your feedback in our GitHub repository or join the party in our Discord community. We can't wait to see the fantastic experiences you'll cook up with Whereby’s SDK!

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