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Whereby Browser SDK v2 with React Hooks Now Generally Available

AUTHOR: The Whereby team

We’re thrilled to announce that the Whereby Browser SDK v2 with React Hooks is now out of beta and available for everyone.

Whether leveraging Whereby's pre-built user interface or crafting a custom look-and-feel, you can seamlessly integrate Whereby-powered video calls into your applications while maintaining full control over the visual presentation.

Create any real-time video UX

Utilize React hooks to programmatically access the underlying data and functionality of a Whereby video call. This enables complete* customization of the user experience, including video tile layout, shape and size, toolbar and call buttons, screen sharing, and chat. Check out our developer docs to learn more.

*We haven’t made all video calling aspects available just yet. Functionality like breakout groups is yet to come, but the core video calling aspects should be there for you to build upon. We’ll be adding more features and functionality in the months to come. Make sure you’re signed up here to receive future announcements directly.

How do I get started?

To get started with Whereby React hooks, you just need to install the latest version of the library from npm in your website or React project. You can also run this in your console to install it directly: npm i

We have a bunch of resources to help you to get started:

We can’t wait to see what you build!

Got questions? Join our developer community to get advice from other builders and the Whereby team.

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