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New: Video quick actions, Enhanced status page and more 👀

AUTHOR: The Whereby team

🚀 New features

Quick actions ⚡️

Make meetings flow better with quick actions. Now hosts and guests can quickly make use of popular features like 'Pop-out' and 'Spotlight' by clicking the quick action right within a participants video.


Here are some of the handy quick actions ready to use:

For Hosts:
Spotlight / Spotlight off any participant in the call (including yourself)
2️⃣ Pop-out / Move to grid

For Guests:
Maximize / Minimize other participants
2️⃣ Pop-out / Move to grid

🆕 Other new additions:

  • Enhanced status page - See the uptime status and history of incidents at a glance for our Meetings and Embedded services. Head over to 🔗 where you can subscribe to real-time updates and report issues directly from the status page.


🛠 Improvements and fixes ⚙️

  • Streaming notifications: beta customers will now see a notification go out to hosts when the room is pre-set for streaming.

  • We've fixed a simulcast issue where participants using Firefox were sending lower resolution video than expected when HD is turned off.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented localization resources to load behind some firewalls

Get in touch if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you 👍 👎

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