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New: Set avatars for participants

AUTHOR: The Whereby team

Embedded customers, now you can personalize your participants' video call experience even more with custom avatars.

If a user has uploaded an image to their profile in your platform, you can now mirror this image to display as their profile picture / avatar in your embedded video calls.

This will make your video calls feel even more integrated inside your platform 🙌


Before, only the initials and name of a participant were displayed if their camera was turned off. With custom avatars enabled, now the users' profile image stored in your platform will show in their video call tile instead.

Ideal for displaying the profile image of, for example:

  • Students using an eLearning platform 🧑‍🎓

  • Hosts, speakers or attendees using a virtual events platform 🎤

How do you enable this?

If you have your end user's image stored in your system, you can use the URL parameter ?avatarUrl=<url> to enable custom avatars and sync these images to the video call.

Note: you'll need to modify your "allowed domains" to make this work.

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