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Insights Suite Updates

AUTHOR: The Whereby team

We're thrilled to share some exciting updates about our Insights Suite!

Introducing a new support role

Now, you can invite your support team members to your Whereby customer portal, granting them Insights access with limited user rights. This new support role empowers you to offer your support team members access to the Whereby Customer Portal for Insights without permitting them to configure team settings, organization settings, or subscriptions. These support team members can delve into user sessions and assist with user queries.

How to add someone as a support member:

  1. Navigate to your team settings

  2. Add their email address

  3. From the dropdown menu, select "Support."

  4. Hit send!

Dedicated URL parameter for passing user IDs

New parameter: externalId

With this functionality, you can pass a call participantโ€™s ID used on a different platform to more easily retrieve & search through usage and insight data later on.

You can find this new parameter documented here, where you can learn how to pass in an attribute using our browser SDK or through the URL if you're using an iframe.

This parameter will be included in webhook results here, as well as in Insights API results (we'll soon be making our participant-level data endpoints public). Furthermore, we plan to make this parameter searchable in the Insights UI.

Rules to note:

  • The externalId parameter accepts up to 36 characters

  • We recommend using UUID v.4 for this purpose

  • Only alphanumeric characters are supported

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