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Get more insights with our new webhook parameter 🌐🪝

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You can now easily get more insights on user activity in video calls with the new metadata parameter.

Once configured under your webhooks, with the new ?metadata parameter you can identify specific users and keep track of their activity without needing to code or create these notification events yourself.

(Note: Whereby does not store the contents of the metadata parameter once the session is over)

You can configure webhooks in the API Settings section of your Embedded Dashboard:


See our developer guide for more details >

Webhooks make it easy for you and your customers to get automated notifications and keep track of user activity in 1:1 or group video calls such as:

👨‍🏫 E-Learning - track when students join and leave online lessons

🎙 Events - see how many people joined a virtual event and how long for

🧑‍⚕️ Telehealth - track when patients join video appointments and notify the clinician

💼 Recruitment - let interviewers know when a candidate has joined the meeting

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