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AUTHOR: The Whereby team

You now have more insight than ever into what happened in a call. We're delighted to announce that we've released many improvements to our Insights Suite, most notably details into individual participants' calls. Available for all Embedded customers.

This feature will help you:

  • See who joined the call and a timeline and log of events that were happening in the room

  • Pinpoint when in the call an issue may have occurred

  • Determine if the issue may be related to the user's browser, device type, or network

Getting started

To use this feature, all you need to do is log into your Whereby Customer Portal and navigate to "Insights" > "Rooms". Search for a room you'd like to find insights on, e.g. because an issue occurred, and look into the participants’ call experiences.

To interpret the new information simply follow our documentation on Using the Insights dashboard. We've also included suggestions for how to improve call issues which you can include in your own documentation.

General improvements

We've also made many improvements to make the Insights Dashboard easier to navigate:

  • Partial search for rooms

  • New date and time formatting

  • Logical ordering of rooms and sessions based on when they were most recently used

  • Ability to open pages in new tabs, making troubleshooting easier

What's next

  • More information: We'll provide even more information within the Insights Suite and make the existing insights easier to use and read.

  • New non-admin user role: We're working on a new user role so that you can give access to this information to your own Support or Success teams without having to worry about unintended configuration changes to your rooms or organization settings.

  • Data retention tiering: All Embedded customers now have a limited-time 21-day retention period for all participant logs. At a later stage, we’ll reduce this time span for Free and Build customers and increase it for our annually contracted customers.

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