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Introducing: 200-person rooms and 24 active videos 🚀

AUTHOR: The Whereby team

Say hello to even bigger and better meeting rooms!

Ever wish you could have more than 100 participants in one video call? Or keep getting feedback from users that they'd like to see more than 12 people on camera at once?

Get ready to grant their wish with the release of 200-person meeting rooms and 24 active videos 🚀

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Now you and your customers can enjoy bigger, better, and more engaging video calls with double the number of people in a room and twice the number of people on camera at the same time.

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Now available for free to all Embedded and Business plan customers.

For Embedded Customers

This new enhancement is ideal if you have clients that need to host larger video calls with lots of participants like:

🎤 Virtual Events

Boost attendance and engagement in your platforms by letting your clients host twice as many attendees per session. Now event organizers, sponsors and attendees can interact easier with more people in one room and more people on video at one time.

🧑‍🏫 E-Learning

With 24 active videos, you can make it easier than ever for teachers to see and interact with more of their students during larger online classes for more engaging lessons.

For Business Plan Customers

With these new updates, you’ll be able to host bigger meetings so fewer people miss out.

Perfect for hosting larger and more engaging video meetings like company presentations, town-hall meetings, large team catch-ups and much more.

How do you enable 24 videos + 200 participants?

There's no action required - we've already increased your meeting room limits to 24 active videos and 200-person rooms 😀

If you have any questions, get in touch!

Thanks for reading, have a great week!

- Team Whereby

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